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Harry Potter's 20th anniversary prompts new book cover in Taiwan

2020-07-25 06:00

A new Chinese-language edition of Harry Potter with a redesigned cover is being released to mark the book's 20th anniversary in Taiwan, exciting fans in the island country.

"Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," published in Taiwan by Crown Culture Corp. (皇冠文化集團), is the first book in the famous series. The new cover has been designed by Taiwanese illustrator Krenz, and the covers for further releases will be illustrated by Taiwanese illustrator Loiza.

The artist makes use of various elements from the novel, such as Hogwarts Express, Platform Nine and Three-Quarters, and the owl Hedwig.

Additionally, 200 E-coupons worth NT$100 (US$3) each will be available to those who share a favorite quote from the novel.

Preordering will begin online Monday (July 27).

Source:Taiwan News

Facebook, Crown Culture Corp. photo

(說明:Facebook, Crown Culture Corp. photo)

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