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CECC announces 4 imported COVID-19 cases in Taiwan on April 21

2021-04-21 15:30

On April 21, Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announces 4 more imported COVID-19 cases in Taiwan. 

According to the The China Post, the four new imported cases are from Slovakia (case 1080), Indonesia (case 1081), and the Philippines (Cases 1082 and 1083).

Case 1080 is a Taiwanese man in his forties who had been working in Slovakia for some time. He reported experiencing abnormal senses of smell, shivers, and dizziness in March and was tested positive for the virus there.

He later returned to Taiwan on April 4 and submitted all necessary documents.

He was placed under quarantine and was tested again on April 19; the infection was confirmed today.

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As case 1080 is asymptomatic and had no contact with anyone else during his stay, no possible contacts have been listed by the CECC.

Case 1081 is an Indonesian man in his forties who traveled to Taiwan on April 3 for school.

He submitted negative test results taken within three days of boarding and was tested on April 19 after his quarantine period ended. His infection was also confirmed today and the CECC has not listed any possible contacts as he is asymptomatic and was not in contact with anyone during quarantine.

The China Post mentions, the last two cases reported on April 21 are Filipino migrant workers who came to Taiwan for work purposes on April 6 (case 1082) and March 17 (Case 1083) respectively.

Both had submitted negative test results and were tested again when their quarantine period ended, on April 19 and March 30.

The test results of case 1083 came back negative on March 30 and she was asked to be tested again by her employers after her self-health management period ended.

Both cases’ infections were confirmed today, though no possible contacts have been listed.

As of press time, 1,082 cases have been confirmed so far, including 960 imported cases, 77 local infections, 36 cases aboard the Dunmu (敦睦) ship, 2 cases including and relating to an infected pilot who violated quarantine in Taiwan, 1 unknown case and 2 cases, sources currently unknown. 

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Image courtesy of CECC Live Stream.

(說明:Image courtesy of CECC Live Stream. )

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