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Families Employing Foreign Caretakers Can Access to Long-Term Care Services

2020-01-16 17:00

Ministry of Health and Welfare (abbreviated to MHW) has promoted the long-term care plan to expand the services, the client base, and service resources and provide human-centered community-based continuous services. Families that employ foreign caretakers can also apply for long-term care resources.

The MHW states that patients who employ foreign caretakers and are assessed with the level of disability from 2 to 8 can apply for professional services, transportation services, assistive devices services, and residential accessible environment improvement, and mobile shower services. If foreign caretakers can't assist in taking care of patients for more than 30 days, they can apply for respite services. To protects the right of foreign caretakers' short holidays and patients' safety and quality of care, caretakers can apply for respite services without a 30-day limit if their patients are accessed with level 7 or level 8 of disability if their patients are accessed with level 7 or level 8 of disability.

To implement the local care services for the elderly, the MHW has planned to relax the employment of foreign caretakers, allows them to use community transportation services within 30% of the "care and professional services credit", and enhances the convenience of using services for patients who employ foreign caretakers.

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