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Taiwan designates June 8 as National Oceans Day

2019-11-02 14:30

Taiwan designated June 8 as National Oceans Day after the legislature passed the Oceans Act on Friday (Nov. 1), setting the foundation for formulation of a white paper on the country’s maritime policy.

Under the framework, Taiwan sets a goal of becoming a nation that safeguards its oceanic interests while promoting public awareness about the importance of a diversified oceanic culture. It will also strive to foster international exchanges in maritime affairs, reported CNA.

The designation of National Oceans Day attempts to answer global calls for control of marine pollution. This involves investing in better coordination of resources to reduce marine pollution while facilitating environmental restoration.

Taiwan' government, as stipulated by law, is required to develop a marine development fund. Knowledge pertaining to marine affairs should be incorporated into the island’s educational institutions and the training systems of public servants.

Chaolun Allen Chen (陳昭倫), a research fellow at Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica, regards the passage of the regulation as symbolic rather than substantive, reported Umedia. The country has lagged behind in sea management, he believes, adding it remains to be seen whether future marine development will conflict with environmental concerns.

Source:Taiwan News

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