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White truffle found in Taiwan

2021-04-11 19:00

According to The China Post, White and black truffles are seen as high-end ingredients by gourmets around the world. Yet, it is hard to imagine that Taiwan has also its own breed of the previous mushroom.

Even though the new species remains very scarce, researchers believe that it’s still possible to develop a reliable and stable cultivation program over the next five years as long as qualified locations are used.

Compared to the “spruce truffle” that was discovered in the past, which is about 0.2 to 1.5 cm in size, white truffles have higher economic value. White truffles are one of the “deep veins truffle” species, which was found in the soil of Taiwan Cow-tail Fir rhizosphere in the Xitou area in Nantou.

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The China Post explains, it is called “deep vein” because of its spore veins and distinct biological characteristics. The odor of deep vein truffles is unique, penetrating, and fragrant and its fruit body diameter can reach as long as 3 cm.

The Library of Taiwan Forestry Research Institute published the information about the white truffle, which was first seen in the past 30 years. This is the first news about white truffle published in Taiwan and at the same time, a new species discovered worldwide.

At present, the research institute has successfully developed the cultivation technology and has been actively promoting the transfer technology domestically to accelerate the development and utilization of the white truffle.

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White truffle found in Taiwan. Image courtesy of Environmental Information Center.

(說明:White truffle found in Taiwan. Image courtesy of Environmental Information Center. )

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