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Year-End Dinner of "Vietnamese Cultural Campus in Chiayi", Director Ruan Jinhong Invites Outlanders to Reunite

2020-01-03 15:10

A Vietnamese documentary director, Ruan Jinhong and Mr. Cai Chonglong and his wife have initiated "Khuôn viên văn hoá Việt Nam" (Vietnamese Cultural Campus in Chiayi) and will be holding a " Year-end appreciation dinner of Vietnamese cultural campus in Chiayi" that new residents, migrant workers, their second-generation children are invited to reunite, enjoy Taiwan's unique roadside banquets prepared by Taiwanese chiefs, and share their stories of the year.


To provide an opportunity for migrant workers, new residents, and their second-generation children who have come a long way to Taiwan to take a rest and feast on Taiwanese cuisines, "Khuôn viên văn hoá Việt Nam", which has established for three years, annually holds a year-end appreciation dinner. This year, there will be 8 tables of the roadside banquet in the community, and it is estimated that 80 new immigrant friends will be invited and served with karaoke for them to celebrate. Besides, there will be a farewell party for a Vietnamese migrant worker, Ajin to appreciate him for supporting "Khuôn viên văn hoá Việt Nam" after work.


"Khuôn viên văn hoá Việt Nam" has devoted to promoting the deep cultural exchange of Southeast Asia and Taiwan. It is expected that a cultural space for Taiwanese people and Southeast Asians to understand each other through activities, such as lectures and experiential courses of Southeast Asian culture, international language exchange, Vietnamese learning, and local handmade workshops.




(說明:"Khuôn viên văn hoá Việt Nam" held a year-end appreciation dinner and invites new residents, migrant workers, their second-generation children to enjoy together. Photograph: Facebook page of "Khuôn viên văn hoá Việt Nam".)

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