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MOE promotes bilingual education and will hire 300 foreign English teachers in Taiwan schools

2021-04-13 18:30

According to TAIPEI TIMES, there are at least half of the graduates from a select group of benchmark universities and colleges would possess bilingual skills by 2030, the Ministry of Education (MOE) said on April 11.

The ministry plans to invest NT$1 billion (US$35.14 million) over this year and next year on a three-phase project to promote bilingual skills in higher education.

As part of the project, the ministry said that it would introduce a program in August to develop key universities and colleges.

Furthermore, according to The China Post, the MOE said that it would expand the manpower of foreign English teaching this year and subsidize the introduction of 300 foreign English teaching staff in primary and secondary schools.

The announcement came in response to the government’s goal to make Taiwan become a bilingual nation by 2030. The ministry expressed hope that students would have more opportunities to improve their English speaking.

The ministry also plans to introduce more teachers in primary and secondary schools with the aim of boosting their teaching skills and create bilingual learning environments.

The MOE said that the government has subsidized non-municipal governments to recruit 81 foreign English teachers every year since 2004, giving priority to remote areas.

Starting from August this year, another 300 teachers will be recruited, and the recruitment will start from now until May 15.

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The China Post mentions, the MOE has entrusted National Taiwan Normal University (國立臺灣師範大學) and National Chung Cheng University (國立中正大學) to set up centers in the North District and the South District, respectively.

The centers aim to handle the introduction of foreign English teaching staff, and to carry out a series of plans from personnel recruitment, online registration system, administrative operations, revision of employment contracts, training and counseling, evaluation and management, etc.

The MOE said that it would further cooperate with English teaching resource centers under local governments and neighboring universities’ jurisdiction to ensure that foreign teachers could work smoothly in Taiwan.

The aforesaid facilities would also help foreign workers adapt to Taiwanese society and assist primary and secondary schools in cooperating with foreign teachers to create a win-win situation.

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MOE promotes bilingual skills and will hire 300 foreign English teachers in Taiwan schools. Image courtesy of MOE.

(說明:MOE promotes bilingual skills and will hire 300 foreign English teachers in Taiwan schools. Image courtesy of MOE. )

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