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Palace Musem launches Animal Crossing Pattern Library

2020-05-24 08:10


The "Animal Crossing" has gained much popularity among video game players. In Animal Crossing, the player character is a human who lives in a village inhabited by various anthropomorphic animals, carrying out various activities such as fishing, bug catching, and fossil hunting. Now, the National Palace Museum has developed the "Animal Crossing Pattern Library" in the "Open Data" area, providing 22 pieces of work for players to download.


The museum announced that a total of 22 pieces of work has been uploaded on the website, including "Jadeite Cabbage", "Meat-Shaped Stone", "Ru Ware, Lotus-Shaped Warming Bowl with Light", and a part of "Up the River During Qingming". Players are welcome to click the "Open Data" area and then the "Animal Crossing Pattern Library" to scan the QR code of any picture of work, go into the Animal Crossing game to click "My Design" (我的設計"), click "+" to download it. Any piece of work they like will be added to their places in the game to decorate their own style.


Currently, the "Open Data" area provides more than 70,000 images in low or middle resolution and 10,000 images in high resolution for citizens to download for free, with no need to apply, enriching the National Palace Museum with more diverse resources that are close to people's life.


Source: National Palace Museum





(說明:The "Animal Crossing Pattern Library" in the "Open Data" area has been established, providing a total of 22 images of artworks for players to download. Source: National Palace Museum)

Players can decorate their islands with

(說明:Players can decorate their islands with "Jadeite Cabbage" or "Meat-Shaped Stone". Source: National Palace Museum)

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