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A Girl from an Immigrant Family Decides to Settle in Taiwan from the UK

2020-01-13 14:50

When she was thirteen, Su Xin moved to the UK with her father who had a teaching job in the UK, completed the bachelor's degree, and had worked for a couple of years. However, to accompany her parents, she decided to move from London to Taiwan and become a new resident.

Su Xin's father is the founder of a well-known publishing company, the Bookman Bookstore. In his early years, he was invited to lecture at a British university and brought Su Xin, who was in junior high at that time, with him to the UK. One year later, her father returned to Taiwan due to the expiration of the contract and left her to live alone in a host family. She did not expect that fifteen years would pass in a flash.

Since she was studying arts in the UK and facing the worst financial crisis of Lehman Brothers in history, so the entire European economy was too depressed to find a job. So, she chose to do a part-time job at a restaurant. Later, she finally had the opportunity to work for a comprehensive publishing house in the UK as an assistant in international business. She says that she already considered going back to Taiwan to accompany her parents and assist in her father's career. Now, she assists her father in taking charge of international copyright and other related business work that brought back the experience she learned in the UK.

In terms of the differences in working environments and habits between the UK and Taiwan, she feels that the cultural differences between colleagues were very obvious. Taiwanese often have a dinner date after work, but British workers are used to going to pubs and drinking two days a week. The British, who usually look serious, are used to get excited or do silly things after drinking.

Besides, the most special feature of Taiwan is the local snacks that can be seen everywhere. In the UK, they insist on very strict sanitary conditions, and when these sanitary regulations are placed in Taiwan, they may become a gray area. Some user-friendly services in Taiwan may be seen as a taboo for the British. She thinks it's hard to distinguish right or wrong because it's just a cultural and ethnic difference.

A lot of Su Xin's friends from Europe and the US told her that Taiwan is a safe and relaxing place that makes people fall in love with this land. She was always proud of it and thinks moving back to Taiwan is a great choice especially she can accompany her family and assist in her father's career.



Su Xin's (left) British boyfriend came for love and settles in Taiwan.

(說明:Su Xin's (left) British boyfriend came for love and settles in Taiwan.)

Su Xin loves Taiwanese snacks that are rare n the UK.

(說明:Su Xin loves Taiwanese snacks that are rare n the UK.)

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