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MOE calls students to avoid dangerous outdoor activities

2020-07-01 09:00


To prevent accidents during the summer vacation, the Ministry of Education calls on parents, teachers, and members of the public to pay attention to students' outdoor activities and encourage them to cultivate healthy habits to maintain their mental and physical health.


The MOE also reminds students not to drive without a license or conduct drunk driving and parents to pay attention to their children's interpersonal relationships to check if they are involved in illegal behaviors or drugs. Students are also advised to understand their health status before joining any outdoor activity. Besides, students should check if gas has been turned off before leaving their accommodations. The MOE has commissioned police departments to inspect places where young people often gather to avoid potential accidents.


The MOE has requested all schools' personnel to grasp the most comprehensive situation to protect students' safety. If an accident happens, schools that need assistance from competent educational authorities need to report it to the Campus Security Report Center of Ministry of Education within two hours. The Campus Security Report Center provides 24-hour hotline: (02)33437855、33437856,Fax:(02)33437920.


Source: Ministry of Education


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