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Employers should pay attention to foreign emloyees' residence permits, violators fined up to NT$ 750,000 

2020-08-13 09:00


During the summer vacation, many foreign students studying in Taiwan would spend their spare time doing part-time jobs. Taipei City Labor Department reminded employers to check young foreign employees' residence permits, student IDs, and their work permits and take photos for evidence. It should also be noted that foreign students' working hours are up to 20 hours per week except winter and summer vacations.


From January 1, 2020, foreign students will receive work permits after their applications for working in Taiwan are approved by the Ministry of Labor. To avoid hiring foreign students who don't hold work permits, employers have to ask foreign students to present their work permit letters and scan the QR codes on their letters to verify if their work permits are legal. Besides, after checking if their work permits are verified on, students' two forms of ID will later be checked if the documents are complete and correct. For detailed information and process of foreign employees' work permits, please check 全國外籍勞工動態查詢系統


Another common issue is that foreign employees' work permits expire during the period of employment, and many foreign employees forget to re-apply for it, resulting in employers employing foreign students who don't hold legal work permits, Director of Taipei City Labor Department, Chen Xinyu (陳信瑜), stated. According to the Employment Service Act, employers who hire foreign students lacking legal work permits will be fined between NT$ 150,000 and NT$ 750,000, while foreign students who violated will be fined between NT$ 30,000 and NT$ 150,000.



Source: Taipei City Government


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