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Minimum temperatures to fall below 20 degrees in Taipei next week

2019-11-02 09:00

After the weekend, minimum temperatures are likely to crash below 20 degrees Celsius in Northern Taiwan to reach 18 degrees as northeasterly winds gain strength, the Central Weather Bureau forecast Friday (November 1).

Following rain along the east coast, particularly in Yilan and Hualien, the weekend will bring clear skies with some overcast periods, but that will change on Monday (November 4), according to the Central News Agency.

Northeasterly winds will also bring back the risk of precipitation and lower temperatures. While the minimum starting Monday will fall to 18 degrees, maximum temperatures in the north during the day could still reach 25 degrees, low for Taiwan but comparable to summer in many Western European countries.

Southern regions like Pingtung will still record maximum temperatures close to 30 degrees next week, according to the Central Weather Bureau.

Cooler minimum temperatures likely after the weekend. (CNA photo)

(說明:Cooler minimum temperatures likely after the weekend. (CNA photo))

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