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Five Indonesians escape death sentence in Saudi Arabia

2015-06-05 16:10

Five Indonesian migrant workers from Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, sentenced to death in a murder case in Saudi Arabia have been released by the court after receiving forgiveness from the victim's family.

Foreign Ministry director for Indonesian citizens and legal entities Lalu Muhammad Iqbal said late on Wednesday evening that the five had been granted forgiveness in 2014, but their release had to wait till 2015 as the court required the Indonesian government to pay 400,000 Saudi Arabian riyal (US$107,000) as "diat" or monetary compensation.

The release of the five raises the number of citizens freed from the death penalty with the help of the Indonesian government to 34 this year, comprising 10 people in Saudi Arabia, 12 in Malaysia, 10 in China, and one in both Brunei and Thailand.


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