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Ecology Trip brings New Resident and New Generation Back Home

2019-11-17 14:40

      New residents and Second Generations Oversea Training program by immigration agency has come to its fifth year. The program provides opportunities for the new generation who is beyond grade 5 in elementary school to go back to their parents’ home country. This is not only a chance for them to have the connection to their second home country, but also making them understand their language advantage and widening their horizon. For now, there are already more than one thousand people participated this program.

     Huang Jia Rong, who is studying in Zuoying Junior High School now, with his mom, Huang Jing Zhi, who is the new resident from Malaysia are the participants for this year’s program. Jia Rong has always interested in animals and often cares about the information of animal conservation. One day, he heard of the malayan tapir and the green sea turtle from his fellow’s speech. This made him want to learn more about all the things about the turtle.

     Before going to Malaysia, Jia Rong had some preparation to fully understand the ecological system of the turtle. He went to Xiao Liuqiu in order to observe how the green sea turtle search their food, and also, he read some documents about conservation. Besides, he even contacted with the founder of the Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia, Dr. Tseng, hoping that he can pay a visit to the institute to learn more about the method of river turtle conservation.

     Jia Rong said that he has learned so much from the trip. Not only did he experience putting turtles back to wildlife and also observe how the turtle lays eggs and hatches eggs. Besides, he even went beach cleaning at Pantai Mak Nik, sharing Taiwanese culture which is about turtles with his grandparents. When he came back to Taiwan, he shared the experience to his classmates by making Malaysian animal dictionary and self-made illustration book. The result of his trip to Malaysian was chosen to be the best one and was awarded 5,000 Taiwanese dollar coupon by political deputy minister, Chen Zong Yan.

     Immigration agency stated that there are already 979 people participated in the program of going back to their parents’ home countries. This is a great chance for them to connect between the new residents’ cultures and Taiwanese culture. The program will keep on going the next year. The application for the winter program starts from 25.11.2019 and the summer program application start from mid Feb 2020.

Huang Jia Rong joins the New Residents and Second Generations Oversea training program/ Immigration Agency photo

(說明:Huang Jia Rong joins the New Residents and Second Generations Oversea training program/ Immigration Agency photo)

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