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Turkey relaxes visa restrictions for Taiwan

2019-11-01 11:20

Visitors from Taiwan can now enjoy multiple entries to Turkey, as the country has relaxed visa restrictions for the island to boost tourism.

Starting Oct. 26, Taiwanese passport holders meeting the requirements became eligible to apply for an e-visa granting them multiple entries for six months, with each stay valid for up to one month. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) was informed of the new policy on Thursday (Oct. 31) by the Turkish Trade Office in Taipei, reported CNA.

According to MOFA, the two countries have been introducing reciprocal measures to promote tourism since May 2013, with the multiple-entry e-visa program the latest to be implemented. The moves have helped draw more Taiwanese citizens to Turkey, the annual number currently standing at approximately 90,000, according to the Tourism Bureau statistics.

Turkey has emerged as a popular tourist destination and transfer country for those doing business with European and African nations, MOFA added.

In September, Saudi Arabia announced that nationals of 49 countries, including Taiwan, would be able to apply for an e-visa to visit the Middle East country. The incentive is part of its efforts to stimulate its travel industry.

Source:Taiwan News

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