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Taiwan unveils emblem for 2019 Double Ten National Day

2019-09-06 14:00

The main visual for the 2019 National Day of Taiwan was unveiled on Thursday (Sept. 4), featuring the slogan “Taiwan forward.”

Inspired by arrows, the visual features a “double-ten” design, with the characters for ten (十) slanted to the left and moving towards the right. It illustrates the concept of “bringing Taiwan forward along with the world” as the island progresses and pursues perfection, according to the preparatory committee.

Vibrant green and purple were adopted for the logo's colors, creating an eye-catching effect. Green is intended to symbolize the vitality and earnestness of the people of Taiwan, while purple is employed to represent the country’s hospitality and friendliness, said the committee.

Accompanying the visual is a splash of hues, including blue, yellow, and orange. The palette is meant to celebrate the values of inclusiveness and diversity embraced by the nation.

The design has drawn mixed reactions from netizens. While some lauded its aesthetics, others slammed it for failing to convey the spirit of Taiwan’s national flag, which accentuates red, blue, and white.


By Taiwan News

Slogan for 2019: ‘Taiwan forward’

(說明:Slogan for 2019: ‘Taiwan forward’)

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