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The new residents of Lanyang experience the culture and gastronomy of the aborigines

2019-07-12 15:00

In order to let the new residents in Lanyang know the culture of the Atayal aborigines in their area, the NIA Yilan County Service Station, in conjunction with the Yilan County Aboriginal Office, hosted the “Lanyang New Residents’ Original Cultural Experience Camp” at the beginning of the summer vacation. Forty new residents from mainland China and Southeast Asia, together with their children were invited to the event. They went to Nan'ao were the Jinyue tribe lives. Nan'ao Township, known as the hometown of Sha Yun, is a turistic place for aboriginal cultural experiences.

On July 5, at 8 a.m., the women who participated in the cultural camp, were full of ecitement for a little hiking, came to the car from Jiaoxi ~ Yilan ~ Luodong. The organizers also seized the opportunity to advocate on epidemic prevention. They lectures were "Preventing African swine fever and Autumn insect invasion" and "Elimination of vector mosquitoes to prevent dengue fever", among other interesting conferences.

The group arrived at the Jinyue tribe activity square at 10 o'clock. The old man of the Sha Yun family, Tiancai, first held a blessing ceremony with the new resident women. Then the young performance team of the Jinyue tribe sing the Atayal songs for them. The welcoming dance was lively and unrestrained. Two new residents Zhang Xinyu and Tang Jia, who love to dance, danced to the music, and brought other new residents to sing and dance together. The scene was filled with the warm atmosphere of multiculturality.

Then, a member of the tribe, Miss Liu Yiwen, led the new residents group to the Ropwe Cultural Park for a tour to explain the culture and migration history of the Jinyue tribe.

The Jinyue Community Development Association carefully prepared the aboriginal cuisine with the specialites of the Sha Yun, such as mushroom porridge, Yu tou hui, etc. So the new residents and new generations could immerse themselves in that original gastronomy.

After the meal, Zhuo Shunlai, an Atlaya traditional man and craft culture curator, led the women to set the Atayal Hunter trap. This activity allowed them to experience the fun of the aboriginal hunting.

At the event

(說明:At the event)

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