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Suspect in murder of Taiwan in-laws arrested in Iraq

2019-09-01 11:00

A Taiwanese woman returned home from Iraq Saturday (August 31) with her baby son after her Iraqi husband had been arrested there on suspicion of having murdered her parents in Taipei last April.

The man, Ali Hammad Jumaah, 31, had met the boy’s Taiwanese mother during her studies in the United States, and the family later settled in Japan. After allegations of domestic violence, her 70-year-old parents brought her and her little boy back to Taiwan.

However, last April, Jumaah suddenly showed up at their home in the Taipei City district of Shilin. Police later found the elderly couple strangled to death with a towel. The man had fled the country with the one-year-old boy and later sent a Line message to his wife telling her he had reached Iraq.

Police in a Kurdish-controlled region of northern Iraq reportedly arrested Jumaah as a murder suspect last month, and were planning to send him to the Iraqi capital Baghdad, the Liberty Times reported Saturday.

The baby had been cared for by relatives in the city of Mosul, but police convinced them to give him back to the mother, who traveled to Iraq to pick him up. Mother and son arrived back in Taiwan Saturday evening, thanking the Criminal Investigation Bureau, the Kurdish police and Taiwanese business people for their assistance, the Central News Agency reported.

Police in Taiwan and Japan had reportedly discussed methods to catch Jumaah, with the final decision an attempt to lure him back to Japan. The ploy worked, as he was arrested on July 17 as he was trying to board a flight in Arbil, the capital of Iraq’s Kurdish autonomous region.

By Taiwan News

Taiwanese wife returns home with baby

(說明:Taiwanese wife returns home with baby)

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