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Pingtung County Government Cooperates with Rotary Club Caring for New Residents, Second Generation Giving Back to Society

2019-12-23 14:20

To show the care for disadvantaged children and young people, Pingtung County Government cooperates with Rotary International District 3510 to promote the "Rotary Children"  Adopting Program that a total of 113 students has benefited this year. Pingtung County Government holds an award ceremony at the county government hall. A Chinese student who has a single-mother serves as the representative of all aided students to share their stories and expresses their gratitude for the Rotary Club's assistance for them to study whole-heartedly, and they also look forward to giving back to the community with their love. 

At the ceremony, adopters of various communities are invited to meet with the children and present the scholarships in person. An aided student of the Rotary Club, A Jun, shares her stories on stage that she was raised by her single mother who is from China and worked as a hospital cleaner in Taiwan. To make her and her sisters live a better life, her mother spared no effort to take them to school and pick them up after school every day even if she didn't have any relatives or friends that could help her and even filled in for her colleagues on vacation. Her mother was like a spinning top that worked 365 days a year without taking a rest.

A Jun appreciates all the teachers of the Rotary Club that provides a sound learning environment for her to steadily study and for her mother to work at ease. Also, she appreciates the long-term stable financial assistance from the uncles and aunts of the Rotary Club. The annual scholarship of 12,000 NTD may not be too much for many people, but for A Jun's family, it is timely assistance. A Jun mentions that she is really grateful to those who have helped her. She would like to pass down this selfless love to help more children who have encountered the same obstacles as she did.

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