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First Taiwanese to reach the peak of Annapurna

2021-04-20 12:00

NIA Global News】/translated by Amy Hsieh

Mountaineer Lu Zhong-Han successfully reached the top of Annapurna, the 10th tallest mountain, setting a record of the first Taiwanese to reach the peak of Annapurna.

 Lu Zhong-Han is the first Taiwanese to climb to the top of the Annapurna mountain. And he is also the first man, not including Sherpa (one of the Tibetan ethnic groups), to reach the peak of Annapurna without using any supplemental oxygen. 

According to The Tribune, Annapurna is considered among the world's most treacherous mountains to climb due to its extremely steep south face, a wall of rock that rises 3,000 meters.

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However, Lu Zhong-Han was not defeated by the difficulty of the challenge, he even chose to not use any supplemental oxygen. With the help of his team, he successfully climbed up the 8,000 meters high mountain.    

Mountain climbing is quite challenging, climbers might get killed if they are unprepared. Lu Zhong-Han has a lot of mountain climbing experience. In 2013, he reached the peak of Gasherbrum II. 

Afterward, he kept on challenging himself. He has already reached five mountain peaks, including the Broad Peak, Manaslu, and Nāngā Parbat.         

After reaching the peak of Annapurna, Lu Zhong-Han filmed a video to share the good news to the world and thanked the GAMANIA CHEER UP FOUNDATION for their assistance. In the film, he also showed the national flag to preserve the historical moment.   

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First Taiwanese to reach the peak of Annapurna. Image courtesy of NOWnews.

(說明:First Taiwanese to reach the peak of Annapurna. Image courtesy of NOWnews. )

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