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A Ukraine- born Taiwanese Entertainer, Larisa Bakurova Being a First-time Voter, Promotes the New Residents Voting in a Successful Video

2019-12-02 13:30

Larisa Bakurova (瑞莎), who has spared no effort in public welfare, serves as the election ambassador for the Central Election Commission. The promotional video has hit nearly 10,000 views in just one day and has got many likes and shares. The Central Election Commission states that Larisa, who just got the ROC ID card in April 2019, is a new Taiwanese resident, so she is selected as the representative of the new resident to encourage people to vote.

When talking to Larisa, it is found that she had never voted in Ukraine before. The election in 2020 is her first-time voting, so Larisa is a one-hundred-percent first-time voter. In the video, she accepts a quiz game with many questions of voting common sense, and her adorable reaction is very eye-catching.

Larisa, who always loves Taiwan with action, says, “my first-time voting will be in Taiwan, and I have a deep connection with Taiwan. Hence, this propaganda is not only for the new resident but for all first-time voters in Taiwan. Remember to vote on 11th January 2020!”

Larisa’s quiz game. Credit: the Central Election Commission’s video

(說明:Larisa’s quiz game. Credit: the Central Election Commission’s video)

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