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Ministry of Labor Held Filipino Migrant Worker Conference in Taipei

2019-10-29 15:20

In order to enhance the labor cooperation relationship between Taiwan and the Philippines, the Ministry of Labor held the 8th Taiwan-Philippine migrant worker conference on 28th in Taipei. The meeting focused on a number of issues related to migrant workers in Taiwan, including establishing the unit dealt with missing worker’s medical expenses, solving the problem of inconsistency between the labor contract and the wages, assisting Filipino workers to work in agriculture in Taiwan, cultivating caring skills of migrant caregivers and the protection of migrant worker’s rights and interests.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Council of Agriculture, Fisheries Bureau, National Immigration Agency, Bureau of Labor Insurance, Occupation Safety and Health Administration and Workforce Development Agency participated in the conference with Philippine Department of Labor and Manila Economic and Cultural Office. There are 156,248 Filipino migrant workers in Taiwan which are 22% of total migrant workers in Taiwan. Filipino migrant workers in Taiwan engaged in manufacturing, and work hard which contributes to the economy in Taiwan. The government deeply regretted on the bridge collapsed incident in this month caused various of Filipino migrant workers injured. The Ministry of Labor will also give priority to subside the needed workers and protect the rights of casualties or family members. The Filipino representatives also expressed its gratitude to the Taiwan and relevant units for providing immediate care and assistance to Filipino fishermen and their families who suffered casualties in the incident.

Ministry of Labor stated that it would continuously promote the suggestion in the conference. The conference discussed the management as well as issue of rights and interest of the Filipino migrant workers in Taiwan. Both representatives of Taiwan and the Philippines addressed opinions and make out the same conclusion. Please reach more information or detailed of the conference in the link.

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