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Chinese-born new immigrant selected as 2014 National New Immigrant Family Model

2014-08-01 21:47

Chinese-born new immigrant Lai Lee-hsia used to be a fashion designer. Lai met up with Mr. Chen who was a manager in a Taiwanese-invested firm in China at the airport. They went back to Taitung County, Taiwan to plant tea after marriage. She was selected as 2014 National New Immigrant Family Model by the National Immigration Agency this year. She said she only does her duty for families.

Lai said she had been Taitung County couple times before they got married. She likes the simple rural life and friendly and kind people over there. Thus, she quitted the job and moved to Taitung County to plant the tea with her husband after marriage.

My families thought my husband was a rich man when I just married him. However, my husband’s economic situation was not as well as they thought. My husband’s sister’s children called me “mother” when we met first time. I was too touched to cry,    she said.

She acts as a volunteer when she has the leisure time these years. She said she is glad to devote herself to the local society because Taitung is her second home country. She loves Taitung as well as her families. 

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