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The 2020 Year of the Rat's Great Harvest, New Residents in Taitung Celebrate the Spring Festival

2020-01-20 14:50

To celebrate the Spring Festival, Taitung County Government and China Youth Corps held the "Taitung County 2020 Year of the Rat's Harvest Celebration" at the Young Indigenous Activity Center to share Taiwanese customs of celebrating Spring Festival in the afternoon on Jan. 18. The activity is inclusive of writing Spring Couplets, Savoring South Asian cuisines, and painting DIY...etc. Besides, there are diversified New Year quiz games providing new residents and general parents and children to learn together and experience the fun of different foreign cultures to enhance parent-child interaction.

Apart from the dance performances from new residents, there are some exotic snacks DIYs, such as Klepon (a traditional Southeast Asian green-colored balls of rice cake filled with liquid palm sugar and coated in grated coconut), and Vietnamese spring rolls for people to savor and experience new residents' enthusiasm. Jan. 24 is the start of the Spring Festival, and the county government and the China Youth Corps particularly held the event in advance for Taitung's new residents to share their life experiences and enhance their understanding of Taiwan's culture.

Mr. Wu Jichuan of the Lifelong Learning Center of the China Youth Corps leads the students of the Chinese Calligraphy class to write Spring Couplets and give them away to the participants for free to bring joys for parents and children. Moreover, LIn Xianjin, who is a cultural and creative master, teaches the new residents to paint fortune rats so that parents and children can experience the fun of creation.

Chairman of the China Youth Corps, Lin Yaoye, states that holding this event on the eve of the Lunar New Year is to create a new year's atmosphere, celebrate the coming of the Spring Festival with the people, and bring full blessings and joys for this new year. Also, it is expected to combine exotic cuisines with Taiwan's culture, local culture and creativity, and the aesthetics of life to care for new residents. Through performances, writing Spring Couplets and painting DIYs, new resident parents and children would feel an "artsy" new year.

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