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Improving Foreign Caregivers' Skills, New Taipei Initiates Home Guidance for Free

2020-01-07 10:00

New Taipei City has 98,851 migrant workers, of which in-home caregivers account for 40% (more than 39,000 people). To improve the nursing skills of in-home caregivers, New Taipei City initiated the first "home-based guidance for foreign caregivers' skills service" combining the resources of the long-term care center in 2017. The public can apply for services through "1966 Long-term Care Service Hotline" to obtain the guidance of care specialists that will demonstrate various care skills, such as bathing, bathing in bed, changing clothes, oral care, back tapping, patient turning, moving, and basic joint range of motion exercises...etc.


Department of Labor commissioned 6 institutions including Taipei City Hang-An Nursing Home Multiple Long-Term Care Services, CommonWealth Fund Organization, Guannenn Nursing Home Foundation, Eden Social Welfare Foundation, National Taiwan University Hospital Jinshan Branch, and Ivy Home Care Service to provide this care service for 401 families with a total of 525 people. Besides, it also conducted 7 group study courses and cooperates with communities or hospitals to set up a small group of 10 people that not only allows foreign caregivers to study nearby but guarantees the quality of teaching.


Director of the Department of Labor, Chen Ruijia, states that citizens can apply for home guidance services through the 1966 hotline to improve the quality of care and reduce occupational injuries that may be caused by improper skills. Since it is widely lauded by the public, home-based guidance for foreign caregivers' skills service will be continuously handled in 2020. Relevant information and schedules can be found on the "New Taipei I Labor" ( homepage-Service Information-Foreign Workers-Employer Services, or search for "新北勞動雲" on Facebook for tracking related activities.







The training of foreign caregiver services guidance program.

(說明:The training of foreign caregiver services guidance program. )

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