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Hong Kong actors coming in Taiwan: Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong receives Employment Gold Card in Taiwan

2021-04-20 17:30

Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong has received a Taiwan's Employment Gold Card from the Taiwanese government.

According to FOCUS TAIWAN, Wong's receipt of the card, which is a combined work and residence permit given to highly skilled foreign professionals, was confirmed by both the National Development Council (NDC) and Wong's manager on April 16.

Taiwan News explains, the Employment Gold Card is valid for one to three years, and there is no need for holders to be sponsored by an employer to live in Taiwan.

With the card, one can work for a company or be self-employed, and multiple exits and entries are permitted. Spouses and children are included, and parents and grandparents can visit for up to a year.

According to NDC statistics, from Feb. 8, 2018, to March 31, a total of 2,147 applicants received Gold Cards. Of the applicants who were approved, 269 work in science and technology, 1,673 in economics, 149 in education, 182 in culture and art, one in sports, 165 in finance, and eight in architectural design.

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According to Taiwan News, Wong has been traveling frequently to Taiwan to work in local productions since last May, when he cryptically responded to fans encouraging him to immigrate to the country by saying, "I'm in the midst of preparing." On April 13 of this year, Wong announced on Facebook that he was starting his first day of quarantine in Taiwan.

FOCUS TAIWAN, mentions, the 59-year-old actor has won numerous awards in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China throughout his decades-long career. He is best known in the West for his roles in the 1992 action film "Hard Boiled," the 2002 crime thriller "Infernal Affairs" and as General Yang in the 2008 Hollywood film "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor."

Furthermore, other famous Hong Kong artists have also chose to settle in Taiwan. Actor Chapman To also received the Employment Gold Card as an art and culture professional. While popular lyricist Albert Leung has received a Taiwan National ID card.

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Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong receives Employment Gold Card in Taiwan. Image courtesy of 《經濟日報》.

(說明:Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong receives Employment Gold Card in Taiwan. Image courtesy of 《經濟日報》. )

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