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One-Forty Promoting Migrant Workers Education Awarded by the Ministry of Culture to Create a Better Society

2019-12-19 14:40

The Ministry of Culture's "Youth Village Cultural Development Project" competition has totalized 187 proposals of young people. After the preliminary and re-evaluation selection, 59 young people are selected to receive the project rewards, and a one-year implementation of the project will be launched later.

One-Forty, which is established in 2015, has long devoted to caring for foreign workers. Awarded by the Ministry of Culture, One-Forty is expected to improve migrant workers' lives and promote the equality of rights through "One-Forty Good Reading Partner Learning Project for Migrant Workers".

The Ministry of Culture states that a comprehensive review of the award-winning cases shows the youth's action and enthusiasm for cultural, environmental, economic, and multi-ethnic issues. For instance, Chen Kaixiang, who is one of the reward-winners, has worked on migrant education for nearly 4 years and found that many migrant workers have the demands for Chinese learning. He hopes that "One-Forty Good Reading Partner Learning Project for Migrant Workers" can improve physical and online teaching resources, optimize community management, send learning packages to migrant workers who may need it to enhance their confidence and learning effects, better the relationship of migrant workers, employers, and local communities, and enhance the society's understanding and value towards equal rights.

During the period of the youth's proposal preparation, the Minister of Culture will then assist in individual cases' implementing through counseling, communication, co-learning, and mentorship to expand its social influence and promote activities for the youth through the project ’s official website and Facebook fan page. People are welcome to join and follow the relevant development of the project if they're interested in the youth's participation in public issues, cultural preservation and development, new residents' and the indigenous' cultural revitalization and promoting, regeneration of old cities, drama and social communication, and the youth's participation in local creation... etc. 

The Ministry of Culture's

(說明:The Ministry of Culture's "Youth Village Cultural Development Project" encourages young people to create a better society. Photograph: Ministry of Culture. )

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