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The New Taipei Documentary about Migrant Workers has Play in the Theater for Free

2019-07-22 10:50

The New Taipei City Labor Bureau filmed “the Local Outlanders” and played in the 3 theaters and got huge responses. The New Taipei Labor Bureau also held a premier screening event at Xinzhuang Labor Center on July 20 at 2 pm.

“The Local Outlanders” describes the journey of 4 migrant workers from the Southeast Asia who are working in Taiwan; about Tina the care taker of the aunt, sand painting artist Mario, A Peng the one who committed to promoting the Muay Thai and Wu De-cheng who loves painting.

Currently, there are about 97.821 foreign migrant workers in New Taipei. They left their hometown to work in Taiwan, facing the work, overcome and adapt to the language, culture, food, environmental, and living habits, even the unfriendly working place environment. They give the services for Taiwan industries and families, all presented in the documentary film “the Local Outlanders”.

Hopefully by taking a close look about the daily life and work process of the migrant workers from four countries, everyone will know their life history and cultural differences in Taiwan. For the relevant event and ticket location, please refer to its official website. Looking forward for more people to participate, feel the life and excitement of migrant worker friends in Taiwan, pulling the distance between migrant workers and public, let each other’s culture to be more integrated.

The New Taipei City Labor Bureau has arranged about 16 times free admission screenings, where 8 of them will be feature in the cinema and the audiences will get free popcorn and cola. If you join this event, you also will have the opportunity to win a smart phone from the lucky draw, 8 inch tablet, and international brand of the ion hair dryer.

The Local Outlanders documentary film on the cinema (source: New Taipei City Government)

(說明:The Local Outlanders documentary film on the cinema (source: New Taipei City Government))

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