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Global News for New Immigrants Is Recruiting Video Ambassador to Promote the Cultural Diversity

2019-09-10 17:00

「Global News for immigrant」 recruiting for video ambassadors to promote multiculturalism.
2019-09-04 15:00
To provide opportunities for new residents in Taiwan and the new second generation to become a multicultural influencer, 「Global news for immigrant networks」 recruiting"video ambassadors" from now until 13 October 2019.

If you or your friends have these three following characteristics, we welcome you to sign up!
Selected members will participate in future audio and video shooting as members of the Global news for immigrant Network!

If you or your friends have the following three characteristics, welcome to register!
             1. New residents or new second generation living in Taiwan;
             2. Can speak Chinese and a second foreign language;
             3. You can talk in front of the camera.

Registration does not limit to any gender, age or nationality.
Register now to get a surprise prize !!!

When you register, please provide a self-introduction video (2 ~ 3 minutes) and the content must include:
  -Reason for being an audio-visual ambassador.
please use your personal characteristics when introducing yourself, the more creative the better.

How to register:
1. Send the video to the mailbox
2. Leave the applicant's name, second foreign language, phone number, e-mail address and
     home address.

If you do not receive the registration confirmation within 3 days,
please call (02) 2351-0025 # 316 or inbox 「Taiwan 我來了」粉絲專頁

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