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Nantou new immigrants invited to join exotic healthy lifestyle sharing

2020-06-03 10:30


To continue to take care of new immigrants in Nantou County and enhance new immigrants' knowledge and concepts of health, Nantou County Government has commissioned Nantou County Lifeline Association (南投縣生命線協會) to operate Nantou County New Immigrant Family Service Center and host an exotic healthy diet teaching sharing and banquet on June 6 at Nantou County Museum of Women and Children. Working with Nantou County Service Center of the NIA, the county government invites new immigrants to join in this event.


The Family Service Center has invited more than 100 new immigrants from various countries including Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Indonesia to enjoy exotic cuisines. It is hoped that this sharing themed with healthy lifestyle and growth will enhance new residents' sense of belonging to Nantou and their basic knowledge of health. Through diverse events and interactive courses, people can learn to respect different groups of people and appreciate others' cultures. In addition, the Family Service Center also promotes the use of reusable utensils to share responsibility for reducing carbon emissions globally.


Regardless of nationality or race, promoting healthy food and vegetables need everyone's support across the world. To make disease control and healthy lifestyle promotion more effective, county councilor Chen Yijun (陳宜君) will also be invited to join the event. A total of 120 zongzis made by philanthropist Chen Chou (陳綢) will be distributed to participants on that day.


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