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Fans on "Taiwan 我來了" exceed 50,000! Air fryer to give away

2020-04-21 10:30


The Global News for New Immigrants established by the National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior, provides news in Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Thai for foreigners and new residents to adapt to life in Taiwan. This website also offers rich audiovisual news and information.


Our Facebook fan page, "「Taiwan我來了」臉書粉絲團" has received a great response and been loved by many new immigrant friends and the public. Our editors have also loved and been active in interacting with new residents around Taiwan. Our fans on "Taiwan 我來了" has recently exceeded 50,000! We'd like to send out thank-you rewards to you, and the biggest gift is an air fryer!


The Global News for New Immigrants welcomes you to comment on our pages to share what you'd like to say to us, and each person who leaves a comment will have an opportunity to win the biggest prize! For detailed information, please refer to 「Taiwan我來了」臉書粉絲團.







(說明:"Taiwan 我來了" has gained more than 50,000 fans and ready to give an air fryer away. )

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