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Eiffel Tower in Paris to welcome back visitors on June 25

2020-06-11 09:10


Ever since the pandemic outbreak started raging France, the Eiffel Tower in Paris that has closed for more than three months will reopen on June 25. The 10-ton metal landmark will emerge from its longest closure since World War II with limited visitor numbers at first, and face masks mandatory for all over the age of 11, said the Eiffel Tower website.


According to the France 24, after the Eiffel Tower reopens, all museum staff and visitors have to follow its disease control measures, including social distancing, wearing masks for people aged over 11, and environmental disinfection. 


"To ensure that ascending and descending visitors do not meet in the stairs, ascent will take place from the East pillar and descent by the West pillar," added the website, with a limited number of visitors per floor at a time. The top-level will remain closed for now, "since the lifts taking visitors from second to the top floor are small. It might re-open during the summer", added the Eiffel Tower website. Online ticket office will be reopened 'soon'.


Since the pandemic outbreak started raging Europe, the Eiffel Tower has been closed since March 13 and is lighting up in golden hues and broadcasting thank you messages across the City of Light to all health care workers every 8 p.m. The Eiffel Tower is 324 metres and one of the highlights of the 1889 World Exhibition, symbolizing France's long-standing culture and history and attracting more than 7 million visitors every year.


Source: Taiwan News



Source: Pexels

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