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2020 Taiwan Tourism Guide Book available in 7 languages to expand market

2020-05-26 10:00


To promote Taiwan's tourism, under the guidance of the Tourism Bureau, MOTC, Taiwan Visitors Association has published the " 2020 Taiwan Tourism Guide Book", offering various kinds of information, such as transportation, events, and souvenirs to expand Taiwan's tourism market.


In response to the global tourism market's demands and rapid transformation, several language versions of the " 2020 Taiwan Tourism Guide Book" are offered, including Chinese, English, Japanese, Indonesian, Thai, and Vietnamese, for domestic travel agencies to join international travel fairs, Taiwan Visitors Association stated. The association has also promoted paperless reading to go green. It is expected to enhance Taiwan's international visibility and expand Taiwan's tourism market to the world. Everyone is welcome to download it on the website, 線上閱讀ISSUU電子書及PDF下載網頁 or 各語系QRcode看板圖檔.


Source: Taiwan Visitors Association





(說明:The "2020 Taiwan Tourism Guide Book". Source: Taiwan Visitors Association)

The Indonesian version of the

(說明:The Indonesian version of the "2020 Taiwan Tourism Guide Book". Source: Taiwan Visitors Association)

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