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2021 India Spring Festival Brings Rich Culture of Incredible India to Taiwan

2021-04-21 13:00

【Article written by Priya Lee Lalwani】

Hundreds of gorgeously dressed dancers moving with the melodious beats; that is a familiar scene in Indian movies. This Saturday, April 24th, everyone will have the chance be a part of a Bollywood style show while also enjoying a variety of delicious Indian cuisine and experiencing its diverse culture at the 2021 India Spring Festival.

Since 2003, the Indian Cultural Festival has been organized by the Taipei India Music and Culture Center in collaboration with ICCR, Incredible India, and other official Indian and Taiwanese entities.

Outstanding artists from India as well as other countries in Asia and Europe have come to Taiwan to join local performers in this annual event over the past 18 years.

The festival has not only become an important indicator of Taiwan's diverse cultural landscape, but it is also a must-attend event for international artists involved in Indian culture.

Due to the global Covid-19 pandemic last year (2020), organizers were unable to invite performers from overseas, and the event had to be postponed to November. It was held indoors on a much smaller scale at the historical Taipei Guest House, under the theme of Deepavali, the festival of lights.

Since so many could not attend, Taiwan Diwali 2020 was streamed live on MOFA’s official channels to a worldwide audience. In India alone, more than one million people watched the live broadcast on various platforms, effectively conveying Taiwan’s excellent pandemic prevention model, and the close cultural exchanges between Taiwan and India to a wide audience.

This year also , due to the pandemic and travel restrictions . The 2021 India Spring Festival cannot have artists from other countries , but the New Taipei City Govemment still wanted to showcase international culture in Taiwan . So the event featuring locally based artists. It will be held in the historical Sanchong Air Force Military Kindred Village No.1. A major highlight of the event will be the auspicious opening procession and traditional inauguration ceremony where we will pray for the health and safety of people around the world ,Especially our families back in India .Visitors can try on Indian costumes and really be a part of the activities along with the many Indian residents of Taiwan who will be present in their traditional attire.

In addition to the familiar Bollywood dances, performances at the festival will also include Indian classical dances Odissi and Kathak, folk dances from different states of India, as well as Indian drums and vocal music. Some of the performers are professional artists and teachers specially invited for the event, while many are Indians residing in Taiwan as scientific researchers, engineers, housewives, students, and yet others are Taiwanese dancers passionate about Indian dance.

There will also be a lively Indian Bazaar featuring a great collection of Indian cuisine, Indian travel experts selling handicrafts and colorful Indian clothes, etc. Visitors can also try traditional Indian costumes and henna body art. Last but not least, there will be three workshops: Indian classical dance, Bollywood dance, and yoga meditation.


2021 India Spring Festival

Time: April 24, 11:00 am to 5:00 pm

Location: New Taipei City Sanchong Air Force Military Kindred Village No.1. (Lane 86, Zhengyi South Road, Sanchong District, New Taipei City)

Transportation: MRT Xinlu Line Taipei Bridge Station, about 12 minutes' walk

For details, please contact; Taipei Philharmonic India Center or New Taipei City Cultural Affairs Bureau

Event page:

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Image courtesy of 立犀內子.

(說明:Image courtesy of 立犀內子. )

2021 India spring Festival

(說明:2021 India spring Festival )

Image courtesy of 陳怡靜.

(說明:Image courtesy of 陳怡靜. )

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