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New residents, Tainan City Gov't build senior-friendly city

2020-08-07 08:30


As Taiwan became a super-aged society, Tainan City Government has activated its plans for providing long term care services to build a senior-friendly city. A couple living in Tainan has long devoted to long term care services. The wife who is a new resident who came to Taiwan for marriage said through offering long term care services, she felt a sense of accomplishment and happiness. 


Shan shan (珊珊), who is a new immigrant, has served as a caretaker for four years. She and her husband serve in the same unit and together joined the training courses for long term care, Social Affairs Bureau of Tainan City Government said. Shan shan was always cursed by an elderly man who was her care recipient. She barely knew what the elderly man was scolding because she only knew a little Chinese. Fortunately, the man's wife always praised her for her hard work and told her not to mind her husband's words. Since then, she shifted her mindset and tried to chat with the elderly man. She found that he smiled more often than before, which made her really happy. Her husband said he once took care of a patient who was paralyzed and bedridden for more than ten years due to a car accident and brain injury but had an elderly mother always accompanied beside. He felt how great maternal love was.


In response to the declining birthrate and aging population nationwide, long term care services require additional manpower support. Tainan City Government has hosted training courses annually to cultivate more caretakers and also expressed gratitude for their contributions to society, Tainan City Mayor, Huang Wei-che stated.


Source: Tainan City Government


Shan shan and her husband both serve as caretakers. Source: Tainan City Government

(說明:Shan shan and her husband both serve as caretakers. Source: Tainan City Government)

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