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Ms. Susanna, the president of Morrison Academy Taipei was awarded the APRC from NIA

2019-03-21 10:40

Ms. Susanna Myburgh, the president of Morrison Academy Taipei was awarded Alien Permanent Residence Permit (APRC) in this year (2019). The National Immigration Agency (NIA) of the Ministry of the Interior of Taiwan held a special warm issuing ceremony on March 20, 2019 and invited Ms. Susanna’s parents, who came from the United Stated to visit her in Taiwan to participate and express their gratitude and affirmation for her commitment to teaching in Taiwan. Susanna said that education is to teach students in accordance with their aptitude, in the future, we will continue to invest in the education in Taiwan.

Susanna’s father is also a teacher. She has been fascinated by “teaching” since she was a child. She even acts as a teacher and teaches her younger brother and puppet.

In 2013, she resigned from teacher position of a public school in the United States, because she had traveled across the ocean to work in Taiwan. Originally, she had only planned to stay in a foreign country for a short time. She did not expect to fall in love with Taiwan since then.

Susanna came to Taiwan to teach in a private language tutoring school. After her excellent teaching performance, she went to the American Morrison Academy Taipei and the school was promoted as the principal.

She said that teaching is the work she loves, and it is very important to use your expertise and get a sense of accomplishment at work. It is also the reason why she always keeps her enthusiasm, and this concept is also applied in her teaching. She is committed to providing students with a multi-learning pipeline, encourage students to try through practical learning methods, let them discover their own strengths and interests and then plan their career development. She also stressed that education should be taught in accordance with their aptitude, rather than let children feel that they have done nothing even with the best efforts.

As for why she chose to stay in Taiwan, Susanna said that she likes to travel and experience exotic life. But before I set off, the impression of this land was all from my friends who had traveled to Taiwan and the images on the Internet were patched together. After coming to Taiwan to experience life in here, she was deeply impressed by the Taiwanese’s kindness to foreign friends and the government’s active creation of a friendly foreigner’s environment, which made her deeply attracted and stayed for more than five years without knowing it.

This year, she decided to apply for permanent residence permit in Taiwan. For the acquisition of permanent residency permit in Taiwan, she is happy and said that she will continue to invest in education in Taiwan in the future.

Huang Ling-yu (黃齡玉), the Director of NIA Taipei Service Station said Morrison Academy Taipei is a member of the School of Strategic Alliance of the NIA. This time, the principal Susanna’s parents came to Taiwan to visit her and also attended the issuing a permanent residence permit ceremony. On the one hand, it expresses the government's respect for professionals, and on the other hand, expresses gratitude for her contribution to Taiwan.

Ms. Susanna, the president of Morrison Academy Taipei was awarded the APRC from NIA

(說明:Ms. Susanna, the president of Morrison Academy Taipei was awarded the APRC from NIA)

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