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Facebook works with iWIN, Taipei Computer Association to boost cybersecurity

2020-07-03 09:00

 Facebook has joined hands with the child protection non-profit organization iWIN and with the Taipei Computer Association (TCA) to improve the level of cybersecurity in Taiwan.

The alliance came as phishing, hacking, and online scams led to more instances of theft, according to CNA . Facebook warned against e-mails containing suspicious links which could lead to the installation of malware. In other instances, users would be asked to change their passwords for certain accounts, even though it was completely unnecessary.

Facebook emphasized the important role of two-factor authentication, the setting up of a strong password, and the assigning of a reliable contact person. A warning system to notify the owner of the account in case another person was suspected of signing in was also recommended as an effective move.

The social network also asked users to report instances of fake news in order to help protect cybersecurity.

Source:Taiwan News

Facebook, iWIN, and the TCA join hands to teach cybersecurity (Pixabay photo)

(說明:Facebook, iWIN, and the TCA join hands to teach cybersecurity (Pixabay photo))

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