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Vietnamese New Resident Shows Persistent Spirit and Becomes New Strength of Taiwan

2019-10-27 17:00

NIA held the new resident forum in north district on 27th, MOI Minister Hsu Guo-yong (徐國勇) and NIA Minister Chiu Feng-kuang(邱豐光) participated in the forum to communicate with over 300 new residents. Hsu stated that the government welcomes all new residents to be part of Taiwan and will make efforts on giving resources and assistance to new residents. Currently, there are more than one million of new residents and their families living in Taiwan. It brings Taiwan's diverse cultural communication and becomes the new strength of Taiwan. Hsu also emphasized on Taiwan's diverse social characteristics and respect diversity. Originally, Taiwan is an immigrant society so that we welcome everyone to become a Taiwanese. He hopes the new residents to value their mother tongue language even they are in Taiwan, expecting they are able to use their mother tongue language here.

Cheng Tzui-xuan(鄭翠玄), who is 19-year-old from Vietnam, also attended the forum. Her father died of illness when she was born. She came to Taiwan 2 years ago with her mother who remarried to Taiwan. Under the adoption of her stepfather in Taiwan, she changed her last name to Cheng which was a rebirth for her. However, her mother and her stepfather became ill, causing the family in difficulty. Although she was only in the third grade of the National Maritime Aquatic Vocational School, she took the economic burden of the family. Except for selling vegetables in the Suao market, she works to supplement the family by replacing the mother's job to take care of the younger sister, just like Axin in the Japanese drama who is hardworking, earning for living expenses, and strive for social identification with persistence in Taiwan.

When Cheng first came to Taiwan 2 years ago, she couldn’t speak the Chinese and was unable to catch up with classmates. But she studied hard and took the first place in accounting level three test in Yilan County last year. She said that she would like to become a human rights lawyer in the future to fight for the welfare and rights for the new residents and their second generation.

In addition, Chen Yu-shui(陳玉水) who is the new resident from Vietnam also shared during the discussion. She not only served as a translator in Taiwan, but also taught her mother tongue in Vietnamese in Taiwan. She also compiled and edited a “important regulative noun comparison of Taiwan and Vietname” to help new residents and new residents and migrant workers who could not understand legal terms to fit in Taiwan society. Her contribution is very influential.

Hsu stated that in order to take care of new residents and their offspring, the government promotes many new measures, such as revising the law to relax the mainland relatives to come to Taiwan for short-term, local service, one-stop service, the free Internet access to computers and the cultivation of second generation of new residents overseas, hoping to help new resident’s families to integrate into Taiwan society more quickly.

MOI pointed out that there are over 300 new residents from Taipei city, New Taipei city, Keelung, Taoyuan and Yilan. The government listen to the suggestion of new residents and will take it as the reference of making new policy and regulation in the future through this forum. It also expected the new strength of new residents to become the power to drive progressive society and connect with the international community.

Over 300 new residents participated the new resident forum in north district held by NIA.

(說明:Over 300 new residents participated the new resident forum in north district held by NIA.)

MOI Minister Hsu Guo-yong stated the purpose and the meaning of the forum.

(說明:MOI Minister Hsu Guo-yong stated the purpose and the meaning of the forum.)

Group photo of MOI, NIA Minister and the new residents.

(說明:Group photo of MOI, NIA Minister and the new residents.)

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