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Taiwan NIA explains new rules on family visits to residents from China

2019-09-05 12:00

The National Immigration Agency (NIA) has launched a series of seminars to explain the new, more relaxed, rules about family visits to Chinese citizens living in Taiwan.

The NIA division in Hsinchu has been particularly active in using daily language to explain what to many citizens is difficult legal language, reports said Tuesday (September 3).

Under the new rules, more relatives from China will be allowed to come over to Taiwan to visit, but the details about which relatives were included in the new list needed to be made easier to understand.

A woman from the Chinese province of Sichuan named Dong Ju said that it was only after hearing the NIA seminar that she understood her brother and sister would be allowed to visit her for a short time.

The liberalized regulations cover relatives in the third degree, including for example the spouse of a grandchild or a brother-in-law, the NIA said.

By Taiwan News

Legal language too difficult

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