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113 Protection Hotline: say no to violence and sexual harassment

2021-04-19 12:00

NIA Global News】/translated by Amy Hsieh

According to THE FREE DICTIONARY, Kartini Day is an Indonesian holiday commemorating the birth in 1879 of Raden Ajeng Kartini, one of the country’s national heroes and a pioneer in the emancipation of Indonesian women. 

 Throughout Indonesia, women wear their national dress to symbolize their unity, and the nation enjoys parades, lectures, and various school activities.

As the population of Indonesian female migrant workers is increasing in Taiwan, Katini’s story has encouraged many Indonesian migrant workers in Taiwan. 

Tainan City Police Department 6th Precinct invited an Indonesian Internet Celebrity Oma Sity to advocate for the violence and sexual harassment prevention campaign called “Stop the Violence! Allow 113 to Protect Everyone.” 

Moreover, the Tainan City Police Department 6th Precinct also made multilanguage posters, including Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Cambodian, English, and Chinese. 

They hope to protect the migrant workers in Taiwan.  

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According to statistics from the Ministry of Labor till February 2021, the population of Indonesian migrant workers has reached 180,000 people in Taiwan.  And there are 30,000 people who are Indonesian new immigrants. Most of them are family caretakers, wives, and mothers. 

And many female migrant workers and new immigrants have encountered sexual harassment and many unequal treatments before. 

Therefore, the Tainan City Police Department 6th Precinct hopes to encourage the female foreigners to report the crime to the police bravely when they are treated unfairly.          

If one suffers from an abusive relationship, not limited to whether they live together or not, it may be regarded as domestic violence.

If new immigrants or migrant workers are suffering from domestic violence, sexual assault, or sexual harassment, they can directly dial the 113 Protection Hotline. 

113 Protection Hotline provides multi-languages including English, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, and Cambodian. 

Watch the 113 Protection Hotline video  here

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Image courtesy of NIA Global News.

(說明:Image courtesy of NIA Global News. )

Image courtesy of NIA Global News.

(說明:Image courtesy of NIA Global News. )

Image courtesy of NIA Global News.

(說明:Image courtesy of NIA Global News. )

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