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MOE launches Chinese learning platform for foreigners, lauded widely 

2020-06-10 10:00


To provide better language learning services for foreigners who stay in Taiwan in a short-term, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has launched an online platform for Chinese learning, "Huayu 101"(線上華語教材—華語101), since May 2018, that is widely lauded by more than 30,000 national and foreign students and teachers.


Since 2017, the MOE has commissioned the University of Taipei to develop online Chinese learning materials including six categories: greetings, accommodation, shopping, order, transportation, and asking for help. This year, the platform has been extended to include more applications, such as city tour, arts and cultural activities, call and reservation, exchange, making friends, and hospital and post office. The learning materials are produced and programmed based on foreign students' demands and experiences, covering a wide range from tourism, accommodation, shopping, to emergency assistance. Additionally, the materials are dubbed and demonstrated by Taiwanese teachers in person so that online learners can choose their preferred vocabularies. Lively pictures are also attached to make online Chinese learning more interesting.


Given that the pandemic outbreak greatly impacts the world, more and more demands for online learning have emerged. Apart from the platform, "Huayu 101", the MOE has also built the "Learning Chinese in Taiwan" on the Office of Global Mandarin Education (OGME), offering different online courses including "Start From Scratch", "Intermediate Chinese", "FLTA Story Book Series", "Mandarin in 300 sentences", and "Fall in Love With Mandarin". Every individual who's interested in learning Chinese is welcome to use the platform, the MOE stated.


Source: Ministry of Education (MOE)


The platform,

(說明:The platform, "Learning Chinese in Taiwan" developed by the MOE. Source: Learning Chinese in Taiwan website.)


(說明:The "Huayu 101" of the MOE. Source: Huayu 101)

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