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Three steps to Legally Employ Foreign workers

2019-11-19 14:00

     If a foreigner comes to you for a job? What should you do? Workforce Development Agency Ministry of Labour advices the employer to make sure to follow three steps to avoid breaking the law. First, check if the foreigner has the resident permit or work permit. Second, check if the id matches the person. Third, ask the foreigner if he or she is a new residents, international student or migrant worker.

     Workforce Development Agency Ministry of Labour said that the employer should apply for permission before employ a foreigner. If a foreign student applies for job with a work permit from Ministry of Labour. Employee should also check his or her resident permit and student ID. While, if the employee is a new resident, he or she doesn’t need to apply for a work permit form Ministry of Labour. However, employer should check their resident permit, passport and household registration transcript to see if they all match the photo and ID info. If you employ someone with a fake identification, the highest fine will be 750 thousand dollars.

    In addition, Workforce Development Agency sated that foreign family care workers can only do the related jobs, while manufacturers can only do the permitted manufacturing jobs. Third-part staffing agency often sends migrant workers to do jobs beyond permission. For example, sending the family care worker to work in his or her owner’s store, or asking a manufacturer to clean the employer’s house. These could all be fined up to 150 thousand dollars.

   If publics see anything concerned to the identification of foreigners and their working responsibilities, please go up to National Immigration Agency website.

 (Three steps to hire a foreigner worker/ Workforce Agency photo)

(說明: (Three steps to hire a foreigner worker/ Workforce Agency photo))

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