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Hakka Tung Blossom Festival, Snow in the Spring Season

2019-05-13 14:40

Tung flower petals that compiled as a heart shape

Have you ever heard about Hakka Tung Blossom Festival? It added Hakka since Hakka ethnic is the inspiration of this festival.

According to Travel in Taiwan Tung trees that cover the hills and fields were an important cash crop for the Hakka. Tung trees are the important resource in helping many Hakka families make ends meet, and helped Hakka communities purchase food.

During The Tung Blossom Festival, in addition to inviting people to enjoy the flowers and tour around the Hakka village, the Council for Hakka Affairs has the honor of conducting a grand ceremony to worship the three Mountain Gods, the guardian spirits of the Hakka. The ceremony will not only offer thanksgiving and respect to the mountains and forests, but also bring encouragement to the Hakka decedents, extolling them to respect the law, to be solemn and the holy, to be devout in prayers, and to cherish the roots of their culture.

One of the places to enjoy the beauty of Tung Blossom Festival is Tucheng Tonghua Park (桐花公園). There is a small hiking trail nearby Yongning Station, namely Qingxi Trail (清溪步道) and from that hiking trail, you can enjoy the beauty of Tung Blossom.

The hiking trail is about 500 meters to hike

It just about 500 meters hiking trail, but along the side of the trail, you can see that the Tung flowers are spreading everywhere. The wind made the scene even more beautiful and romantic, because you will see the white flower petals were blown away like the snow.

The petals blown from the trees to the ground

Some of the hikers and visitors compiled the petals and made them into heart shapes or other shapes that pretty good to be captured as an instagrammable picture. In addition, after arrived in Tonghua Park, you might have a chance to try the bridge or going to pray in the temple nearby.

Some petals even can be compiled to become a word, since there were many petals around

The bridge inside Tonghua Park

How to get there?

You can walk from Yongning Station about 30 minutes or take the shuttle bus (in paid) every weekend special for Tung Blossom Flower Season from Yongning Station Exit 3. Otherwise, you can take Blue 43 or Blue 44 from Yongning Station Exit 2 and take off in the Hiking Trail Entrance.