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Cambodian born new immigrant speaks eight languages and wins certificates in Chinese cuisine and technician for mixing

2014-12-15 11:00


Cambodian born new immigrant Wu Jin-hua married her Taiwanese husband who comes from Yunlin County eleven years ago. The country life is so boring for her and moreover, her husband was dispatched to Indonesia. She told herself she needs to become independent and tough. She began going out to join the various programs and tried her best to adapt to Taiwan.

Firstly Wu attended the programs held by Farmer’s Association and passes the certificates in Chinese cuisine and technician for mixing. She also learns the patchwork and knit and other talents from Yunlin County Social Care Association. Wu’s works receive the recognitions of others. Many people too appreciate her works to make the orders. In addition, she is now an assistant for the knitting class.

In addition to the creative art classes, Wu is also positive to learn the different languages from other new immigrants when she has the spare time. Wu not only owns two certifications but speaks eight languages by self-study. She now can speak Taiwanese, Teochew, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai and English. She is a linguist and usually acts as the communication bridge among the new immigrants. She always makes herself as an example to encourage other new immigrants to learn different skills. In addition, she also works as a lecturer of Cambodian language class at school.

Wu is so busy for attending the various programs every single day. She said it’s not hard for her. She feels contented with her busy life.  She enjoys learning the new things. She also said these skills may be helpful when she would like to start a business in the near future.


(Source: United Daily News)