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Vietnamese born new immigrant runs a diner to sell authentic Vietnamese cuisine

2015-01-23 16:30


Chen Yu-jao is from Vietnam. She has a son who is third grade student at the elementary school. Chen’s husband was a fisher who suffered from the occupational hazard and cannot work anymore. Chen needs to do the part-time job at a diner to bring home the bacon. They live below the poverty line but Chen never thinks of giving up her families.

Two years ago, Chen won the certificate of chef with encouragement from her husband and friends. She runs a diner to sell the authentic Vietnamese cuisine in the Donggang fish market. To thank Pingtung County Hai Kou Jen Community Association’s assistance, Chen names her diner as “Hai Kuo Jen.” She always tries to adjust the courses to Taiwanese’ tastes. In her diner, the most popular food is Vietnamese shrimp rolls, attracting many gourmets to enjoy it all over this island.

Chen said she feels lonely when she moved to Taiwan due to the language barrier and culture differences. In order to assist in other new immigrant to make the well adaption to this society, Chen acts as a lecturer at Pingtung County Hai Kou Jen Community Association, sharing her life experiences with them.

Chen also gives lessons to new immigrants in many communities nearby, assisting in them to adapt to Taiwan as soon as possible.

The president of Pingtung County Hai Kou Jen Community Association Tseng Hung-chih said the association has been assisting in new immigrant to make a quick adaption to local life for more than ten years. They offer them the supports including the needs of daily life, assistance in languages barrier and cultural differences. It’s happy to see those new immigrant live comfortably in Taiwan. I also expect more and more volunteers to join our association to assist in the new immigrants in need of helps.


(Source: United Daily News)