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Czech T-shirt store discussing partnership with Taiwanese company

2020-09-10 15:00


An online store based in the Czech Republic is in talks with a Taiwanese company to partner up to make shirts that say “I am Taiwanese” in Czech., an online store that sells T-shirts with designs related to Czech political events, recently began selling T-shirts that read "I am Taiwanese" in Czech and Hanyu Pinyin, after Czech Senate President Miloš Vystrčil stated "I am Taiwanese" in Mandarin during a speech.

The company told CNA that the online store has received an overwhelming amount of interest in the shirt among Taiwanese, something they never expected. But unfortunately, due to the high shipping costs and international payment hurdles, the vendor said it was unable to ship the shirts to the island country.

It said it is currently in discussion with a Taiwanese company over a possible partnership deal that would see the shirts made and sold in Taiwan. sells the shirt in both black and white for 220 Czech koruna and said ideally it would retail for around the same price in Taiwan.

On Aug. 30, Vystrcil led an 89-member delegation from the Czech Republic on a five-day tour of Taiwan, and on Sept. 1 he delivered a speech at the Legislative Yuan. At the end of his talk, he said, “I want to end my speech with this sentence: I am Taiwanese,” which he also repeated in Mandarin, thus giving birth to the shirt.


Source: Taiwan News/