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Vietnamese born new immigrant excellent at cooking

2015-01-19 16:30


Yuan Shui-hsiu’s good friend got married with Taiwanese. Fourteen years ago, Yuan’s good friend visited Vietnam with her husband and other friends from Taiwan. Her good friends introduce Yuan one of her husband’s friend. They are married soon after go on date for half a month.

Yuan can’t speak Taiwanese and Mandarin when she moved to Taiwan. Her husband works at the Badou elementary school and recommends her to study at the Badou subsidiary elementary school. She was interested with her school life and continued to study further. She can speak Mandarin and Taiwanese fluently now. She likes reading the novels when she is free. She said she learns the vocabularies from the books. In addition, she acts as a lecturer at school, giving lessons of Vietnamese language and sewing.

Vietnamese cuisine is known for its sour and spicy tastes. Yuan said she can’t get used to Taiwanese cuisine when she just married. Moreover, she cooks via coal-fried range in Vietnam. In Taiwan, she has to learn to use the electric pot and gas stove. Her mother-in-law is skilled at cooking and teaches her how to cook the authentic Taiwanese cuisine.

Yuan now acts as a chef at school because she can make the Vietnamese cuisine and Taiwanese cuisine. The faculty encourages her to take part in the 2009 Hakka cuisine cooking competition. In order to win the contest, she practices doing the pumpkin fried rice noodles every afternoon. She invites her colleagues to try her food and asks opinions from them. One month later, she won the second place of the 2009 Hakka cuisine cooking competition. Moreover, she added the pumpkin fried rice noodles into the list of lunch. Just about everyone likes this course and praises it highly.

Yuan said she is glad to work at school and know many friends in Taiwan. Taiwan is like her second home now, she added.


(Source: United Daily News)