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7 Unmissable Places To Go in Taiwan

2020-02-02 15:40

Taiwan is full of unique and amazing sceneries and experiences that you've probably not heard or tried before, from climbing the highest Jade Mountain to diving at the isolated Orchid Island. Many extraordinary experiences that even Taiwanese people have never done may impress you! Grasp this opportunity or you won't find such a small but diverse country anywhere else. The following has shared 10 unmissable experiences that should be on your to-do-lists with you!


  • Jiufen: a real-life Miyazaki experience

Jiufen is a small village located within the mountains and an hour drive away from Taipei. It has been made famous widely since it has been said to resemble the village in Spirited Away, one of Hayao Miyazaki’s most popular movies. Many sources have claimed Jiufen is the village that inspired Spirited Away, but it was never actually confirmed by Miyazaki. But if you've watched this animated movie, Jiufen will look very similar to you. 


  • Fulong Beach: a must-visit place in Summer

Fulong Beach is probably a place where people in Taiwan would enjoy their summer. It is also a place where parents would take their children to because unlike other beaches, Fulong Beach has clear seawater and long soft beach and the large sandy beach itself is perfect for swimming, sun-bathing, and other beach recreation. 

(Photograph: muzikhotel)


  • Taitung Hot Air Balloon Festival

Balloon Festival held every summer at gorgeous Luye Highland. It attracts people from all other cities to go to witness how spectacular dozens of hot air balloons shaped like animals or cartoon characters get blown up on the highland. However, here's a friendly reminder for you guys, GO EARLIER! If you get up at 10 a.m. and drive a car to get there, it will be like 98% hard for you to park somewhere at Luye Highland. Trust me, bloody experience.

(Photograph: chinatimes)


  • Cycle or scooter around Sun Moon Lake

"Sun Moon Lake is the gem of the Central Mountain Range, and the road around it has been called one of the best cycling routes on earth". It is famous not only for its semi-natural freshwater lake and reservoir for hydropower generation but for the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village beside including an amusement park that is a great place to view cherry blossoms in Spring.



  • Alishan's sunrise

Alishan National Scenic Area is definitely one of the most well-known places to foreigners, from its Alishan tea, cherry blossoms, and misty old-growth forests to the extraordinarily beautiful sunrises over seas of clouds. 



  • Xiangshan: a wonderful place to view Taipei 101

Xiangshan in Chinese means "elephant mountain" due to it is shaped like an elephant from above. Xiangshan is a bit far from Taipei 101, but its hiking trail offers the best location for watching 101 fireworks during New Year's Eve every year. Many people would go there very early to find a good place to watch fireworks so that the trail is very packed with people during New Year's Eve, but Xiangshan is still an excellent choice for you to witness Taipei 101 fireworks.



  • Beitou’s thermal waters

Beitou is the only MRT-accessible hot spring in Taiwan, and it locates at the base of Yangming Mountain in northern Taipei City. When Winters are approaching, families in Taipei would probably all get ready for rushing to Beitou to soaking in the hot spring which is "a rich source of sulfur and its healing benefits include treating skin irritations and infections such as rashes and eczema." Anyways, it's just very good for health. Don't hesitate for Beitou's hot spring before this winter ends.



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