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How Have Zodiac Signs Affected My Life?

2020-01-07 19:40


I met a guy whose Zodiac sign is Scorpio, and I said No (No offense, Scorpio people). I know, I shouldn't consider too much Zodiac sign compatibility before dating anyone, but I just can't. 


According to an article written by Laurel Niedospial on in 2018, Capricorn, Aquarius, Virgo, Sagittarius, are Scorpio are the top 5 who are most likely to divorce (No offense again, Scorpios, I have a deep faith in science), and I can't help but take this into account. There are thousands of thoughts and scenarios running in my head and telling me, "oh, if I were in a relationship with a person who is one of these star signs, there's a 90% chance that I would get divorced with him." So, I had tried to skip those star signs that I don't like. 

(12 zodiac signs. Photograph: Pinterest)

When I met a new friend, I would firstly tentatively ask his or her zodiac sign to make sure if I could get along well with them. Taurus people usually hold a grudge, Cancers are too sensitive for me, Virgos are picky about everything...etc. I made assumptions before I really got to understand people, and I gradually sensed that I might be wrong.


I used to make friends with the people whose star signs that I liked until I had a fight with a Pisces friend. Not that I realized I couldn't get along with Pisces people, but I had always had bubbles when facing people. I thought I was compatible with Pisces, but people who are incompatible with you will be incompatible with you. Yes, I held preconceptions and assumed their personalities with their zodiac signs and ignored their advantages or disadvantages if they were technically zodiac-incompatible with me.


I started convincing myself that my Pisces friend's rising sign is Libra that just matches my star sign. I'm kidding. I started telling myself, "he's not bad as a Scorpio", " forget it, things are not all about zodiac signs", "I didn't even know that I could friend with a Scorpio!", "don't judge a person by his or her zodiac sign"...etc. There was once that I heard my Scorpio classmate spoke ill of my gay friend behind his back (saying with a mocking attitude that my gay friend was sissy), and I felt so furious because I don't allow someone to discriminate my friends or my gay friends. However, I need to confess that some part of my rage was due to my instinctive dislike of Scorpio. I realized out that I was the type of person that I didn't like. I hate my Scorpio classmate judging my gay friend without knowing him, but I was also the one who judged people by their zodiac signs without understanding them. So, I changed my attitude. I still like reading articles or information about zodiac signs, but I starting avoiding asking people about their zodiac signs.


I didn't get a lot of new friends after changing my mind, but I do feel better when facing people. For those who also consider zodiac signs seriously important, forget it! People are not born to be compatible with someone! but we all embrace people who are different from us. We live in a society that includes hundreds of thousands of millions of types of people, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Indonesians, Thais, Filipinos, Aquarius teachers, Capricorn mothers, Leo colleagues..., and this diversity helps us recognize and respect “ways of being” that are not necessarily our own. Through interactions, we can build bridges to trust, respect, and understanding across cultures, so that this world is full of new thoughts and interesting people. Society embracing us is for us to embrace more people, and we all need to learn how to accept and understand those people that are different from us and make this world better than yesterday.

(Photograph: EDED11404 Dean McKinnon)