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Indonesian born new immigrant learns ㄅㄆㄇ

2014-12-05 11:00


Lin Hsiao-yen was born in 1982. She is a girl who is always vivid and positive toward her life. She said she can’t understand Mandarin when she just married her Taiwanese husband. She was depressed to have the bad communication with people. She had determined to learn Mandarin.

Lin said she knows many friends after she begins studying at the Mandarin learning school. She is satisfied with her school life. Even though she makes the mistakes when she uses Mandarin, she learns from the mistakes she made.

Lin learns Mandarin from advertising boards, street nameplates and TV captions. She says she always grasp every chance to learn Mandarin. She prided herself on her three writing awards of Mandarin writing competitions. “I know I need to learn more and more vocabularies to help me communicate with others easier in Taiwan as well as adapt herself to Taiwan as soon as possible,” she said.

She also said her two children are her main motivation of studying because she would like to make the progress with children, avoiding the generation gap among them.

She says she learns the skills of upbringing for her children from the school. She shares her mood and life experiences in Taiwan with her classmates. In addition, she also asks the advices from the teachers when she feels confused.

In addition to the Mandarin language classes, she also attends the career training programs including beauty class, creative art class and volunteer service class. She said she is interested with the coffee-making class. Moreover, she said she would like to study the credit of Department of Tourism because she wants to be a tour guide in the near future.

Lin works as an interpreter at the Pingtung Service Station of National Immigration Agency. She shares her life experiences with other foreign spouses and always encourages them to learn Mandarin and different skills, making their lives easier in Taiwan.


(Source: United Daily News)